SO Meet Nicola


Nicola is a dressage coach, rider and the founder of SO

Competing at GP has allowed Nicola to really hone her own riding techniques and skills while also identifying  the often tiny but significant details within riding that can make all the difference to how a horse performs.

Nicola is absolutely passionate about both horse and rider. Posture, balance and suppleness of both athletes is always a top priority as without any one of these assets it is impossible to achieve a fluid and harmonious partnership.

Nicola is a Testt® Certified Coach with a very good understanding of the human body. Having used Hoggy, the dressage simulator for over 10 years she has met and trained 1000s of riders of varying abilities and disciplines and has transformed riders not just in the saddle but also out of the saddle by alerting them to the importance of listening more acutely to their own bodies.

Nicola is trained regularly by Hannah Biggs, Carl Hester and Claire Gallimore and is constantly wanting to learn and grow her own knowledge both on and off the horse.

She is a Personal Fitness Trainer and is also training to become a rider specific Pilates Teacher.

Nicola is keen to spread the word on the benefits of adopting a holistic approach – recognising how sleep, diet, exercise, mental and physical state – all affect not just the rider but therefore also  the horse’s way of going.


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