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We don’t just teach we coach – our aim is to develop a rider’s skills and awareness. Encouragng you to be independent in your riding by providing the opportunity to experiment and develop your own understanding. We want you to want us but not need us – we want you to be confident and to thrive and be the best you can be.

We will give you time where necessary to process any learning, and we will help you navigate a way to deal with your nerves and fears. We are understanding and work hard to match an individual’s specific needs and capabilities. We know that home and work life can affect our riding and we will offer you support when the going gets tough.

We make long and short term goals so dreams can become a reality. We help develop your own fitness, mobility, posture and balance. We offer a variety of skill sets including in-hand work using TRT methods, postural/balance training using our dressage simulator, body conditioning and strengthening for horse and rider. In addition, we can cover identification of rider asymmetry using the TESTT process, Kinesiology taping and pole work to aid the horse’s gymnastic ability.

Horses and riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome, our methods include gymnastic work using poles and jumps, hacking and of course schooling & focused training up to GP level with Nicola.

Prices for coaching
From £45

Groundwork with Nicola
£60 per session

One-to-one lesson
with Nicola – 1 hour

One-to-one Lesson
with Sophie – 1 hour

SO clinics

SO clinics are designed to make training fun! 

We offer a range of different clinics which you can find on our Facebook page each month… they will include:

SO Groundwork / in-hand training with Nicola  

Teaching the horse to be more aware of their own bodies. Working on their symmetry, balance, posture and helping them to overcome their own anxiety when they are under pressure eg at competitions, we teach the horse to be in their own self carriage.

Pole work with Sophie 

Maximum groups of four.  These clinics are always great fun! Suitable for young inexperienced horse and riders to the more experienced.   When you book tell us a little about you and your horse and we will ensure you are with the right group.


SO competitions

SO – Competitions

Bringing horse and rider together showing off their improved balance, suppleness, harmony and ease of movement.

SO runs its own dressage series March to October, culminating in a championship!  From sausage rolls to sashes our shows have become really popular, because we offer such a friendly and supportive environment with the best cakes!  To enter click here 

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