Ten Facts About Hoggy’s Better Half- Nicola Bell

Ten Facts About Hoggy’s Better Half- Nicola Bell

Nicola Bell- 10 Facts about Hoggy’s Better Half

Some of you may already know Hoggy, the dressage simulator, but how many of you know me, Nicola Bell? I like to think that without me, Hoggy just wouldn’t be the same!

  1. I enjoy playing golf even if my performance is pretty poor!
  2. My favourite breed of dog is an English Pointer
  3. I first sat on a pony on a family holiday in Scotland when I was 6. 
  4. Before I converted to dressage I enjoyed hunting and XC. 
  5. I used to love skiing and once skied off a mountain attached to a parachute. Nowadays, I prefer sunny holidays and 18 holes of golf! 
  6. My inner girlie comes out in the form of hair extensions and any other youth enhancing treatment or cream I can afford!!
  7. I am 50 this year and totally refuse to celebrate it in any way! Mainly due to the fact that I still have not competed at GP!!
  8. I love long lunches in London with my husband. 
  9. I tend to keep horse talk to business hours and rarely mention them when in social situations!!
  10. Despite attempting the quick Times crossword every day, I have only finished it once!

We will be getting to know Hoggy in more detail in future blog posts. Plus more about what we at Sparrows Oast can offer in terms of training! Follow us on Facebook for clinic dates and other news. 



Nicola Bell and Hoggy