Meet the Team

Meet The Team at Sparrow Oast



Nicola BellNicola Bell

Nicola set up Sparrow Oast Dressage in 1998 and is a successful rider and coach. She has been coached by Emile Faurie, Carl Hester and for the last few years with Hannah Biggs and Clare Gallimore.  Nicola is passionate about rider asymmetry and how it affects the horse. No matter what level the horse is at Nicola will improve it’s balance, suppleness and lightness. Having spent the last 9 years coaching riders using the dressage simulator she has developed an expert eye on attention to detail of every aspect of the rider and how it can affect the horse. Nicola is a BD coach and is on the Accredited Coach’s Pathway for the TESTT certification.

Sophie Byfield

Sophie joined the team in 2019 having previously run Horseshoes Riding School. Now as Yard Manager at Sparrow Oast Sophie is responsible for the management of the yard and is available for lessons both on our school horses, your own horse or the dressage simulator. Sophie is a very caring person with a great sense of humour and truly manages to bring out the best in every rider she coaches.Sophie is a keen competitor herself and is currently bringing on two young horses for competition.



Chianna DewisChianna Dewis

Chianna is our head girl and joined us in 2011 and is responsible for the day to day running of the yard. She has a BSc in Equine Management & Science .  Chianna is very interested in horse biomechanics and rehab work, she holds a diploma in Equine Sports Massage which is a great asset to our yard. She has done a superb job breaking and training her young horse Brego who she rescued from the RSPCA. 


Jazmin Rose

Jaz joined us in 2016 is a very dedicated member of our team and also a previous Hadlow College student. She loves keeping the horses in tip top condition and is never far away for a pair of scissors or clippers!! Her diy skills are pretty solid too!!Jaz is also a very capable rider and extremely passionate about every horse in her care. Her dedication to her  own horse Belle speaks for itself. 

Charlotte Weatherley

Charlotte joined our team full time in 2020. Her speed at filling haynets is second to none! She provides huge support to the other team members, tacking up, turning out and bringing in whilst we are busy training the horses. She has a very keen interest in nutrition and is often seen watching Dr David  Marlin’s videos and reading his studies.

Julie Beard
 Julie has worked for us on a part time basis since 2018 and is another valued member of our team. Her multitasking skills know no bounds and she is keen to learn and develop her riding skills further, having come from a racing yard it has been an interesting change to be now working with Dressage horses.

Luisa Hearn

Luisa is currently studying at Hadlow College but still manages to work 2 days a week with us. Her OCD is very much appreciated and she absolutely loves to clean and tidy anything and everything!! Luisa lives on site and checks the horses every night and is often seen wandering around the yard in the middle of the night checking that every horse is happy and content.

Alice Mantle

Alice started with us late in 2020 as a valued member of our Sunday team. Alice keeps her horse Dora with us at Sparrow Oast and thoroughly enjoys being part of our family and finds it a nice break from schoolwork!! She is a confident rider who has great stickability!!!