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    Our Philosophy: Posture + Balance = Performance

    To understand fully the needs of both horse and rider.

    My passions is to improve the balance, posture and awareness of the horse and rider, keeping them both supple and strong, tailoring for every individual’s needs both mentally and physically.

    No matter what breed, type or age of horse you have, I train them to feel light, balanced and supple under saddle. Ease of movement is key to the overall picture of harmony and the art of dressage. Studying each horse carefully, balancing both nutritional, mental and physical needs so that every horse can be the best it can be.

    Philosophy of Coaching

    We don’t just teach, we coach.

    Our aim is to develop our rider’s skills and awarenesses.. Encourage you to be independent in your riding by giving you the skills to experiment and develop your own understanding, we want you to want us but not need us.

    We give our riders time when necessary to process and develop and support them in their nerves and fears. We are understanding and take time to find out your needs and capabilities. How our homelife/worklife can affect our riding and we offer support when the going gets tough.

    We make long and short term goals so dreams can become reality.
    We support you with your own fitness, mobility, posture and balance.
    We offer a variety of skillsets to include, in hand work using the TRT methods, body conditioning and strengthening for horse and rider, Kineaseology taping and polework to help gymnastic ability

    Nicola's Coaching

    Nicola has trained with many of our top coaches including Emile Faurie, Carl Hester and for the last few years with Hannah Biggs who attends Sparrow Oast regularly for clinics.

    Nicola is passionate about rider asymmetry and how it affects the horse. Having spent the last 8 years helping rider asymmetry using the dressage simulator Hoggy she has honed her skills and her attention to detail where the slightest area of tension can cause contact, hindleg, straightness issues.

    She is currently on the Accredited Coach’s Pathway for the TESTT Certification.

    Philosophy of the Yard - Home of the Happy Horse

    We take time to understand each horse, ensuring he is in a routine so he feels safe in his environment. We make sure each horse has daily turnout and variety in his work. We improve his posture and suppleness resulting in less risk of injury and prolonged career. We observe each horse for any weakness and manage carefully his routine. We give each horse time to work things out, finding his own improved balance and co-ordination. We educate them in ground work and always return to the basics however old the horse is to ensure no corners are cut.

    We look into his eyes as they are the window to his soul.

    The support from the whole team at Sparrow is second to none,. We, care and are considerate, we help each other and are kind, we are respectful and we are a team and we encourage the same team spirit amongst our liveries. We are passionate about welfare and safety, we enjoy humour and happiness and are strong in adversity.

    Our facilities include:

    Outdoor 60x20m arena with 20m of mirrors and sound system. Indoor 40x20m arena with 20m of mirrors and sound system. Club room to enjoy a drink and a catch up with friends. Bathroom/shower facilities for owners.

    • Hot/ cold horse shower and solarium.
    • Cyclossage Massage Rug and Bed
    • Owners and grooms living on site.
    • Hoggy – the mechanical dressage horse.
    • Security with alarms and CCTV
    • Individual turnout with stud rail and electric fencing. Haygain hay steamers.

    Philosophy of Hoggy - The Mechanical Horse

    Training on a mechanical horse is absolutely essential for any rider at any level doing any discipline.
    It enables you to fully understand your own body and its strengths and weaknesses. It enables you to fine tune your aid giving, be it half halts, simple

    turns, flying changes or leg yields. It provides you with an understanding of what your own body is doing and how it affects your horse and his way of going, his balance, his suppleness and his freedom of movement.

    Other areas where a mechanical horse can help you:

    • Returning to riding after a long break or injury.
    • Overcoming nerves.
    • Improving your balance can make you feel safer and less vulnerable. Improved stability can reduce risk of injury.
    • Preparing for a riding holiday if you are not an experienced rider.

    We look forward to meeting you!