Livery & Training


We take time to understand each horse, ensuring he is in a routine that is right for him so that he feels safe and happy in his environment. We endeavour to provide daily turnout throughout the year and offer a variety of work to keep every horse posturally balanced, supple and athletic. We observe each horse carefully, giving him time to work things out, finding his own improved balance and co-ordination. We look into his eyes as they are the window to his soul.

Every horse has a diet individual to his needs and we are happy to offer assistance with his work routine. This can be revisiting the basic way of going, using the TRT methods of training to keep the horse relaxed and balanced in his work particularly in times of stress, gymnastic work using poles and jumps, hacking and of course schooling up to GP level.

The support from the whole team at Sparrow is second to none. We care and are considerate, we help each other and are kind, we are respectful and we are a team and we encourage the same team spirit amongst our clients. We are passionate about welfare and safety, we enjoy humour and happiness are are strong in adversity.


We don't just teach we coach - our aim is to develop our rider's skills and awarenesses. Encourage you to be independent in your riding by giving you the skills to experiment and develop your own understanding. We want you to want us but not need us - we wan't you to be able to be confident and to thrive - we wan't you to be the best you can be.

We will give you time where necessary to process and develop and support you in your nerves and fears. We are understanding and take time to find out your needs and capabilities we know worklike/homelife can affect our riding and we will offer you support when the going gets tough.

We make long and short term goals so dreams can become reality. We support  you with your own fitness, mobility, posture and balance. We offer a variety of skillsets to include in hand work using TRT methods, postural/balance training using our Dressage simulator, body conditioning and strengthening for horse and rider. Identification of rider asymmetry using the TESTT process, Kineaseology taping and pole work to help the horse's gymnastic ability.



  • Training livery  £300 per week
  • Individual packages can also be tailor made to suit your own requirements
  • Full livery £150 per week 
  • Individual lessons can be arranged alongside the livery services

Workshops & Clinics

To book a place on any of these clinics or workshops please contact Nicola on 07803 255221  or email

2 day clinic to include 2 x simulator and 2 x own horse lessons including stabling

- 2 x 45 min postural training on Hoggy the dressage simulator

- 2 x 45 training session in arena on own horse

- Stabling included

- Includes 1 x treatment on the Cyclo-ssage Human Massage Bed and 1 x treatment for your horse in the Cyclo-ssage Equine Massage Therapy System. 


1 day horse and rider postural assessment

- Initial assessment of rider posture/lifestyle etc

- 45 min postural training on Hoggy the dressage simulator

- 45 training session in arena on own horse

- Includes 1 x treatment on the Cyclo-ssage Human Massage Bed


Training with Nicola

Nicola also teaches clients on their own horses at Sparrow Oast in one to one 45 minute sessions


In-Hand Lessons to help improve horse's posture, suppleness and ability find relaxation when faced with external pressures using the TRT system.