Dressage Simulator

Dressage simulator


By spending time focusing on yourself whilst riding Hoggy you will have the luxury of being able to fully understand your own body. You will find out your strengths and weaknesses, your areas of tension, your asymmetries, every detail of your position will be examined without the distraction of being on a real horse and all the added complications that in itself can bring. We have helped riders of all ages, disciplines and levels from beginner riders that want to join their partner on a beach ride on a luxury holiday to international Grand Prix riders who need that extra awareness of what their body is doing and unearthing minute detail that can be the difference between a 7 or an 8 on their dressage sheet. We can work on your balance, co-ordination, aid giving.


We all work so hard on training our horses and spending every penny on their welfare, much of this money could be saved if we just worked harder on ourselves. Asymmetry in riders can cause saddle slippage, lameness and under performance. If we spend regular sessions re-visiting our own position and understanding how our bodies affect our horses way of going , his balance, suppleness and freedom of movement will improve. You will become more subtle in your aid giving as you become better balanced, you will have a quicker awareness of when tension or muscle overactivity/underactivity is present and you will be able to go home knowing what you need to work on. By spending more time understanding you body you can develop it to become more supple, stronger and relaxed which will result in improved performance of you and your horse.



  • Initial consultation, assessment & training session  £55
  • Follow up 45 min Training Session  £50
  • £110.00 bring your horse, we will provide a stable (whenever possible) and have a training session on Hoggy and then a training session on your own horse in the arena. Including use of the Cyclossage Pro Personal Massage Bed.


2 Day Stay – £220.00

  • 2 x Simulator Lessons
  • 2 x Lessons on your own horse
  • Stabling overnight (excluding hay/feed) including mucking out
  • Use of PPT Cyclossage Bed
  • Use of Cyclossage Massage Rug (horse size permitting)
  • Lorry Hook Up + £15


What to bring?

Hoggy has his own 17.5″ Dressage Saddle. Riders are welcome to bring their own clean saddle. Please note that narrow fitting saddles or western saddles will not fit Hoggy! Please wear your usual riding attire, boots/chaps, hat, gloves.


Contra indications

Please note that riders with Epilepsy or weighing over 16 stones would not be suitable for the simulator.