Dressage simulator

Dressage simulator


Welcome to the home of Kent’s first

Fully Interactive Dressage Simulator

Hoggy is a life size horse who can perform all the movements required in Dressage, right up to and including FEI Grand Prix. No matter what your chosen equestrian discipline there are huge advantages to training on a simulator. The simulator is equipped with strategically placed sensors which give you a totally accurate reading of what your seat, legs and hands are doing. As a trainer it is not always 100% clear what a rider is doing or not doing as sometimes the smallest imbalance in the rein/seat or leg aid can be enough to confuse a horse. Following a lesson on the simulator you will receive a computer reading of what your seat/legs and hands are doing, this can then be passed to your trainer at home, which will give them a clearer, faster understanding of what your body is up to! The large TV screen in front of you shows you instantly what your legs and seat are doing and unlike a real horse the Simulator Trainer can alter your position whilst the Simulator is moving, therefore helping you feel and truly understand where each part of your body should be. There are many different ride options, for example just to get used to basic transition work you can ride the simulator around the park practising walk, trot and canter transitions. If you have a competition imminent, why not learn your test and practice in a 20×40 or 20×60 arena, the simulator will never tire of the tests or anticipate the movements!



Observe what happens when you go from riding in the Park to riding a Test in the Arena. You will notice exactly the same things can happen when you ride in a competition. Our breathing can alter as tension in the body rises with the anticipation of a test, learn how to see the signs and control the breathing and your position as you go from the Park to the Arena.

We have built, in conjunction with Jacksons Equestrian a beautiful purpose built training studio. We feel a private, warm and relaxed environment is paramount to allowing riders to feel more confident and to achieve a soft and supple body.There are no external distractions so you can totally focus on yourself, something that is practically impossible when riding a real horse. By working solely on your position and by repeating movements and transitions you will start to notice that the old habits disappear, be it a thumb that refuses to stay on top or a leg that slides slightly backwards, muscle memory will then start to take over and you will find that your new position becomes the norm. By softening your aids and eliminating areas of tension you will notice that your horse will totally appreciate this new freedom from his rider and will become more sensitive and supple in his way of going.

Nicola has been training riders of all levels for many years, both with the competitive and non competitive rider and has always been very focused on position and balance of both horse and rider. By training on the Simulator you will start to feel a deeper awareness of your body and the effects it has on the horse. By tuning in more to your Kinaesthetic Sense you will be able to make very subtle alterations to your position without force or tension.By being able to ride the same transition or movement time after time without the external distractions produced when riding real horses you will be able to focus entirely on you. The large mirrors around you will also show you how you are sat and very often what feels “odd” or ” unfamiliar” is actually right. By being able to see this new unfamiliar position will help you register quickly that what something “feels” like may not actually be what it looks like. 



  • Initial consultation, assessment & training session  £50
  • Follow up 45 min Training Session  £45
  • £95 bring your horse, we will provide a stable (whenever possible) and have a training session on Hoggy and then a training session on your own horse in the arena. Including use of the Cyclossage Pro Personal Massage Bed.


2 Day Stay – £200

  • 2 x Simulator Lessons
  • 2 x Lessons on your own horse
  • Stabling overnight (exclusive of feed/hay)
  • Use of PPT Cyclossage Bed
  • Use of Cyclossage Massage Rug (horse size permitting)
  • Lorry Hook Up + £10


What to bring?

Hoggy has his own 17.5″ Dressage Saddle. Riders are welcome to bring their own clean saddle. Please note that narrow fitting saddles or western saddles will not fit Hoggy! Please wear your usual riding attire, boots/chaps, hat, gloves.


Contra indications

Please note that riders with Epilepsy or weighing over 16 stones would not be suitable for the simulator.