We offer a fantastic full livery service at £130p/w. This includes daily turn/out in individual post / rail paddocks, rugs laundered, high quality feed individual to your horse's requirements, steamed hay, bedding and daily grooming. You will find your horse happy and relaxed at the end of the day.

We have an organized daily routine in place which makes every horse feel very settled and at home. The yard has been designed so that every horse can always see a friend be it in the paddock or in his stable. Our atmosphere for both horse and rider is very important so that our clients and their horses are relaxed and happy.  

Training Livery

Full / part training livery is available here at Sparrow Oast.  Our main focus is horse and rider posture and position awareness.  Nicola has trained with several of our country's top trainers and has been a sucessful competitor and trainer up to PSG for many years.  Understanding how our posture and postion can effect the horses way of going is absolutley vital when training a horse ... a crooked rider will result in a crooked horse!  Whilst we totally follow the scales of training to produce a supple horse with the correct way of going we believe that sucesss comes from an entire team.  We work very closely with other industry professionals such as a master saddler, oesteopath, cyclossage and many more to ensure that you and your horse can achieve your ultiimate goal!  

Individual training packages can be arranged to suit you and your horse be it full training livery or assisted training livery.  Head Groom Luke Shoer is responsible for providing jumping education for the horses here at Sparrow Oast. Therefore we can cater for all disciplines.   Variety is important to a horse's education so along with training in the arena hacking & regular pole work are also incorporated into the week.


  •  Full livery £130 per week 

  •  Training livery  £225 per week

  • Individual packages can also be tailor made to suit your own requirements
  •  2 day clinic to include 2 x simulator and 2 x own horse lessons including stabling £150

  •  Individual lessons can be arranged for both Dressage and Jumping 



  •  1 day horse and rider postural assessment

- Initial assessment of rider posture/lifestyle etc

- 15 min treatment on Cyclo-ssage PPTS massage bed

- 45 min postural training on Hoggy the dressage simulator

- 45 training session in arena on own horse

- final assessment of horse and rider posture with a plan to take away 

(prices on application)

Further workshops and clincs will be run throughout the year, these can be tailor made for you incorporating Osteopaths, Alexander Teachers, Yoga etc